Dealing with the backlog

Being an amateur photographer can be contradictory at times. I love taking photos, and I love sharing them, too. It’s part in between that’s the hardest.

Since I last posted in February, I have taken 1213 shots, attended two swing dancing events, and travelled to four countries. So where are the photos? Well, two places.

Firstly, I’ve updated most of the galleries, so make sure you have a look. Here is a monkey from a trip to Bali last month.

Look! New photos!

The featured image at the top is from a recent photo walk around Pyrmont. It’s of the Anzac Bridge in Sydney. I’m particularly pleased by the starburst lens flare on the setting sun.

The second place is on Instagram. I found during my trip to Zurich, and especially to South East Asia, that it’s quite enjoyable to share photos on the go. Not only is phone photography convenient because it’s in your pocket; editing on the spot is also quite fun.

When I'm in Asia, I always eat as much street food as I can #hawkerfood #streetfood #Singapore #Asia

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I’m avoiding posting DSLR photos to Insta though. For one, that kind of defeats the purpose of a mobile-posting platform, but it also means I’d post to this site even less.

Anyway, I’m going to be travelling again soon, so I’m going to make an effort to get more photos up. I want to come back with a bunch of awesome photos that I can share with you right away!

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