Stars near Vik

Once you leave Reykjavik, everything seems remote in Iceland. I took this on a hillside a little over 10km from Vik: a large local town of a couple hundred inhabitants. We were staying at Hotel Dyrholaey, which is set up and away from Route 1 (the main highway that circles the island).

We had thought that being away from the lights of the village would give us a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Alas, humans were not our enemy – the weather was. We parked just off the gravel road up to the hotel, set up our tripods and huddled against the wind and occasional rain.

The wind kept everything changeable, so we could use to track cloud movement and know that a break in the clouds was coming. The aurora never appeared, but the stars did, and I managed a couple shots of the Milky Way.

The best photos are earned.