Road to Nowhere

I will admit that this photo is pretty much the entire reason I diverted to Ireland on our first trip to Europe. Our flight landed in Dublin at 9:30pm, and we were up before dawn to get on a bus to the north coast of Northern Ireland. It was an exhausting experience, but totally worth it. We saw a lot of great things on that tour, and I recommend it to anyone.

The legend of the Giant’s Causeway goes that an Irish Giant was challenged to a fight by a Scottish giant. In order to meet, he built the causeway across the North Channel to Scotland.

The less romantic truth, of course, is that these basalt columns were thrown up as part of an ancient volcanic eruption. I think that’s pretty cool as well. Walking the area, you can definitely see what appear to be the remains of a crater. The columns continue out of the sea and up the cliffs for hundreds of metres on either side.

We also caught glimpses of Scotland across the channel. I’d love to see the other end of the causeway some time. Maybe I could combine that with a whiskey tour.