Sunrays through the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last couple weeks of European content. I’ve really enjoyed going back through those great memories, and am feeling really inspired to take more great photos.

I’m flying out today, so thought I would leave a reminder of what brings me home. I’m starting with London (via Abu Dhabi), then on to Iceland, before a week of (actual) work in Dublin. I’m keen on more time in London, and am definitely looking forward to more Ireland.

Of course, what’s got me really excited is Iceland. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time, and going on a road trip to see glaciers, volcanos and the aurora borealis is really exciting. Of course, the aurora can be quite fickle to chase, but the reports are that it is already very active.

I’ll schedule some photos from my archive. Not too many, but enough to whet your appetite. I’ll be fairly active on Instagram, though, so make sure you follow me there.